New Car Ads In Ontario

I’m pleased to announce that new laws which take effect January 1st 2010 will make misleading car ads a thing of the past in Ontario. I say thing of the past with some reservation as I’m sure that some dealers will attempt to continue their misleading ways in a new form of some sort. Time will tell how the new laws will deal with their trickery if it persists. For decades car dealers and manufacturers have used misleading ads to lure customers to the showroom. We’ve all see the ads with the confusing small print showing the price details such as plus freight, air tax, gas tax, admin fees and the acquisition fee (what is that anyway?).

Starting January 1st 2010 all car ads must show an inclusive price with only the GST and PST to be added and no additional fees or charges. As of January 1st 2010 in Ontario Canada it’s the law! I have heard many stories over the years where XPlan customers have been denied their discount by dealers who use these bait and switch ads to get customers to buy.  These changes in the Ontario laws and other laws that start in the new year are in my opinion a huge step forward for the consumer and good dealers and salespeople who treat their job as a career.

 Remember, nobody hates a bad dealer more than a good one.

Contact me to arrange the purchase of a Ford vehicle using the Ford X Plan program.


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