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My new hybrid and EV website dedicated to Toronto and York Region customers. Please visit TheHybridStore.com

We Need To Start Driving Like We Care.

Time To Change

While I have sold many hybrid vehicles, the bulk of the vehicles I have sold are gas only. That really needs to change. There now exists the opportunity to own a hybrid vehicle with lower costs than a gas only vehicle. I have built a new website TheHybridStore.com dedicated to Hybrid and EV buyers. As of August 2020 the site is mostly complete but some more vehicle content will be added. Your feedback on Ford hybrid vehicles is welcome.

Ford hybrid vehicles qualify for the XPlan pricing.

Please note that Ford all electric vehicles (EVs) do not qualify for the XPlan pricing

Ford X-Plan On Hybrid Vehicles

Using your X-Plan pricing on a hybrid will create a great payment and then when you factor in your fuel savings per month it really makes sense to buy or lease a Ford hybrid.

Once a Hybrid, Always a Hybrid

Of all the Hybrids I have sold I can’t think of one that has gone back to a gas only vehicle when it came time to trade. Contact me to set up a Hybrid test drive if you live in York Region or Toronto.

Andy Brooks Ford XPlan sales

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