2021 Ford F-150 on X-Plan

I now have the Ford incentives for the new 2021 Ford F-150. X-Plan pricing on the 2021 F-150 will be excellent. There is also a 2021 F-150 Hybrid that is available in almost all Super Crew models. This is truly exciting and something that many truck buyers have been waiting for. If you are looking for an F-150 and you live in York Region or Toronto, I’m just a short drive up or down Yonge Street Contact me today so we can discuss your next truck.

Ford Bronco On X-Plan

I’m sure by now you’ve had a look at the new 2021 Bronco in pictures. It was just confirmed today by Ford of Canada that the Bronco will be eligible for X-Plan. That is exciting news for the employees of supplier companies and friends and family of Ford employees. I will post lease payments here on the Bronco soon. If you are interested in options to pre-order or to be notified when the Bronco arrives just contact me.

Andy Brooks Ford XPlan sales

Ecosport Titanium Ford X-Plan

Here is an interesting deal I came across today. A 2020 Ecosport Titanium AWD as seen in the window sticker below, with a total of $500 due at signing your bi-weekly payment is $185 plus tax. This is with 16,000 km per year on a 48 month lease. OAC. Licence is extra Click on the window sticker to enlarge the image. Contact me to take a look.
Andy Brooks Ford XPlan sales

2020 Ford Escape Hybrid On X-Plan

Red 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid XPlan.ca Toronto

Just look at that beauty! The new 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, which I have test driven, and was totally amazed at the fuel economy and the feel inside the vehicle. On three test drives I reset the fuel economy monitor and got 5.3L per 100km to 5.8L per 100km on a 10km drive. The 2020 Escape hybrid does very well on XPlan too. I worked out a FWD Titanium hybrid with a total of $2,500 due at signing, 16,000 km per year over 40 months and the payment came to $459.66 plus tax. And as an XPlan customer you get a full tank of gas which will last you quite a long time. When budgeting for a Hybrid you can also reduce your gas savings if you are coming from a non hybrid vehicle. Contact me to go over the Escape hybrid options.  Talk soon.
Andy Brooks Ford XPlan sales

Ford X Plan On The Invoice

Here is an example of the Ford X Plan price that is shown on every eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicle. The $57,218 that is circled is the XPlan price. From that price I will take off the incentives. For example if there is a $5,000 dealer credit then the selling price would be $57,218 minus $5,000 which equals $52,218. Remember that you don’t pay admin fees and there will be a full tank of gas.

Any subsidized interest rates for finance or lease can also be used on your deal. There are many different factors involved in making sure you are looking at the right vehicle and purchasing it the right way. Contact me to go over the options.
Andy Brooks Ford XPlan sales