$1500 XPlan Rebate On Ford F-150

A new $1,500 rebate on the 2009 and 2010 F-150 Crew cabs and Super cabs for XPlan customers is now in effect. This rebate will end September 30th. The new rebate can be used on a factory order as well and is in addition to the delivery allowances that are currently in place. A great truck atContinue reading “$1500 XPlan Rebate On Ford F-150”

New Ford Incentives and Rates

The new incentives from Ford of Canada are out and the following vehicles have 0% financing which can be combined with the Ford X Plan program. The Fusion (excluding the “S” and Hybrid model), select Mustangs, the Ford Edge (excluding the SE), The Ford Flex (excluding the SE). From what I’m seeing so far theContinue reading “New Ford Incentives and Rates”

Recycle Your Ride Program

Ford of Canada has announced the extension of the Recycle Your Ride program. Starting October 1st 2010 customers can receive up to $3,300 (the extra $300 is on vehicles 1995 or older) for trading in their old car on a new Ford vehicle. The image below shows the credits for the selected vehicles. An additionalContinue reading “Recycle Your Ride Program”

Ford Employee Pricing Extended

XPlan.ca Update: Ford Employee Pricing 2014 Ford of Canada announced today that the Ford Employee Pricing will continue until Sept 7th 2009. I will post the details of the new incentives here on September 8th. On another note my 17th Escape arrived today. I noticed that the 2010 Escape 4 cylinder XLT front wheel drive nowContinue reading “Ford Employee Pricing Extended”