Current Ford Incentives

The current incentives offered by Ford of Canada in work with your XPlan pricing include: The Ford Winter Safety Package on the Focus Fusion and Escape. 0% financing on the Ford Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Edge and the Ford Flex $1,000 Costco Member Offer on the Ford Edge, Flex, Fusion and Escape. Up to $3,000 for your 1995 (or older)Continue reading “Current Ford Incentives”

Winter Safety Package

Starting October 1st 2011 customers (including Ford X plan customers) who purchase or lease a  Ford Fiesta, Focus, Fusion or Escape or a Ford Explorer will receive a Ford Winter Safety Package. The package consists of brand name tires and rims. It also includes a tire pressure monitoring system. Contact me to arrange a testContinue reading “Winter Safety Package”