Ford Rates and Rebates Update February 2012: See the current Ford incentives and offers Ford of Canada announces the new incentives for each month or quarter usually at the beginning of the month. There are various programs that Ford brings back from time to time like the Costco Rebate, the Ford Winter Safety Package, the Ford Employee Pricing Event and the Lincoln ClubLink Member Offer.Continue reading “Ford Rates and Rebates”

Lincoln Rates and Rebates Update June 2012: Ford Employee Pricing 2012  Share our Pride, Share our Price. Ford Employee Pricing is an event that happens once a year. For 2012 the Ford Employee Pricing Event will start June 14th and end August 31st 2012. Here are the new features for this year’s event. For every 10,000 vehicles sold Ford of Canada will award oneContinue reading “Lincoln Rates and Rebates”