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2011 Ford Escape Fuel Economy

This is an old page I used to inform people about the then new Escapes fuel economy. In total I had 23 Escapes as company cars. This page now may serve as a reference for used car buyers.

Update: July 5th 2011

The above image shows the distance to empty on my current escape (# 20). The tank I just finished actually went 721 km which is 9 km less then the best I have had with this vehicle. That 721 km also included being stuck on the QEW for 4 hours going from Toronto to Welland on July 1st (the worst traffic I have ever seen). It usually takes 1.5 hours to make this trip. I’m quite confident that I would have hit around 750 km for that tank if it had not been for that traffic jam. I also contribute the increased fuel economy to now buying my gas at a Shell station instead of Petro Canada and ESSO which I have done for years as there is a Petro Canada station close to the dealership and an ESSO close to my home in Toronto. I have tested this over the last 5,000 km and I believe that I’m getting on average 40 to 50 km more per tank by using Shell gas. Why? I have no idea. One thing I do know is that after having 20 Escapes as demo’s this 2011 Escape is getting the best fuel economy of all of them. My 21st Escape will be a 2012 which I should arrive from the factory sometime in July.

Update: Sept 9th 2010. I am now driving my 19th Escape and 1st 2011 model.

This page will have the kms per tank on my new 2010 Escape XLT front wheel drive 4 cylinder. It just arrived from the factory so I should post the first tank within a week or so. At the bottom of the page is the posting I had on the old XPlan site for a 2009 Escape I had early in the model year. I’m quite confident that the 2010 with its fuel efficiency improvements will easily break the 700km per tank mark. The Escape has a 60 liter gas tank. Check this page frequently to see the progress.

Your friends at the gas station are going to miss you!

2010 Escape XLT 4 cylinder My 15th Escape

1st tank 685 km — approx 30% city 70% highway (update Sept 10/2009)

2nd tank 715 km — approx 20% city 80% highway (update Sept 18/2009) Fantastic!

3rd tank 705 km — approx 30% city 70% highway (update Sept 25/2009)

4th tank 655 km — approx 40% city 60% highway (update Oct 2/2009)
 Cooler weather will have an effect on all vehicles fuel economy.

5th tank 650 km — approx 40% city 60% highway (update Oct 9/2009)

6th tank 695 km — approx 20% city 80% highway (update Oct 15/2009)

 It should be noted that I am driving in such a way to increase the Escapes fuel efficiency. I do the following:

  • Accelerate slowly from lights
  • Slow down way in advance of a red light so I’m not starting from a dead stop if possible.
  • I use speed control on the highway set at 108 km per hour for fuel efficiency reasons and to stay below the potential 10km over ticket range.
  • Slow down using speed control coast when traffic is bunching up ahead. This cuts down on the stop and go aspect of driving.
Easy Fuel Capless System
Easy Fuel Capless System

The Easy Fuel Capless Filler system is an industry exclusive. Fill ups are easier and no dirty cap to deal with.

 2009 Escape XLT 4cylinder 4×2 (a previous demo)

1st Tank 620km mix of city and highway

2nd Tank 610km mix of city and highway

3rd Tank ***km re-filled before gas price spiked 13 cents

4th Tank 635km approx. 30% City and 70% highway

5th Tank 620km mix of city and highway

6th Tank 625km mix of city and highway

7th Tank 680km approx. 30% City and 70% highway

8th Tank 605km more city than highway


One thought on “Andy’s Escape Fuel Economy Page

  1. I would just like to add that I am in my 2nd Ford Escape and it serves me well with being on the go go go along with the kiddies. It’s capacity is great for driving the kiddies around, doing errands and even loading bigger items into the trunk as the seats do fold down. All in all a great ride!

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