McAlpine Ford Lincoln

 September 2017 marked 24 years that I have been at McAlpine Ford Lincoln in Aurora. For about a year and a half I was the sales manager at McAlpine but other than that I have been part of the McAlpine sales team. I quite frankly didn’t like the sales managers position (glorified baby sitter) and the owners of McAlpine Ford allowed meContinue reading “McAlpine Ford Lincoln”

My Ford Fiesta Test Drive

Subscribe to and receive an e-mail when the Ford Fiesta is arrives at Toronto Ford dealers. See the right side of this page. On April 8th 2010 I had the opportunity to drive the new Ford Fiesta at a Ford event held at the Powerade Center in Brampton. There were some other cars there including a Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and aContinue reading “My Ford Fiesta Test Drive”

F-Series Conquest Rebate

  Ford of Canada announced today a new $750 F-Series Conquest and Loyalty rebate. This new Ford incentive for F-150 to F-550 runs from April 9th to April 10th 2010.   Conquest: Any customer who is a current owner or lessee (at time of F-Series sale) of a Dodge Ram 1500-3500, Dakota and Sterling Bullet,Continue reading “F-Series Conquest Rebate”

Ford Incentives April 2010

New incentives for the Ford vehicle line for April 2010 include an increase in delivery allowance to $3,000 for the Ford Edge SE and Flex SE models. Delivery allowance for the Taurus SE is now $4,000. The interest rates for the F-150 has dropped to 5.99% up to 60 months and 6.99% for 72 months. The certain modelsContinue reading “Ford Incentives April 2010”