Live GoToMeeting

Andy Ford X-Plan salesCOVID – 19 Notice:

During the current virus situation I am trying to work by remote meeting as much as possible. Please read below and contact me to set up a web meeting using GoToMeeting. This is to protect you and myself. Talk soon.

gotomeeting-logoSmallFor existing customers and new customers who are busy, or who live far away, I use GoToMeeting so you can see my screen while I build a vehicle for you and work out your numbers. It’s a great way to get all the information before you come and see me. We will be on the phone together while you are viewing my screen. Call me when you want to  meet and we can start a GoToMeeting.

To join a meeting visit and I will give you the meeting ID while we are on the phone. Click “Join” in the upper right corner as shown below.
In about 30 seconds or so you will see my screen just like you were sitting at my desk.
Call me at 1-877-61X-PLAN   e-mail    Contact Form