F-Series Conquest Rebate

  Ford of Canada announced today a new $750 F-Series Conquest and Loyalty rebate. This new Ford incentive for F-150 to F-550 runs from April 9th to April 10th 2010.   Conquest: Any customer who is a current owner or lessee (at time of F-Series sale) of a Dodge Ram 1500-3500, Dakota and Sterling Bullet,Continue reading “F-Series Conquest Rebate”

Ford Incentives April 2010

New incentives for the Ford vehicle line for April 2010 include an increase in delivery allowance to $3,000 for the Ford Edge SE and Flex SE models. Delivery allowance for the Taurus SE is now $4,000. The interest rates for the F-150 has dropped to 5.99% up to 60 months and 6.99% for 72 months. The certain modelsContinue reading “Ford Incentives April 2010”

2010 Lincoln Rates and Incentives

The current Lincoln incentives shown below are in addition to the Clublink member offer and the Clublink non member offer. There is also a program on now called the “Lincoln Custom Luxury Event”. With this Lincoln incentive you can buy up to $1,000 in Lincoln accessories or you can use the $1,000 as a down payment.Continue reading “2010 Lincoln Rates and Incentives”

Lincoln Complimentary ClubLink Membership Offer

Update: April 2nd 2012 This program is on again (read the descrition below). PLEASE NOTE I am not familiar with ClubLink or their programs so please do not call me with golf questions. If on the other hand you live in York Region or Toronto and have a Lincoln question please feel free to contact meContinue reading “Lincoln Complimentary ClubLink Membership Offer”

Lincoln ClubLink Member Offer

Ford of Canada just announced a Lincoln ClubLink member offer which can be combined with the Ford X-Plan program. ClubLink members will be eligible for a $1,000 ClubLink member rebate towards a new 2010 or 2011 Lincoln vehicle. In addition to this ClubLink members will receive a one year Associate Gold Membership which they can pass along to friends or family. The Lincoln MKZ,Continue reading “Lincoln ClubLink Member Offer”

0% Financing On 2010 Escape

 Great News For Customers Interested In A 2010 Ford Escape! Ford of Canada just announced improved incentives on the 2010 Ford Escape. Excluding the 4 cylinder manual transmission and the Hybrid the 2010 Ford Escape now has 0% financing for up to 60 months OAC. There was a $3,000 dealer credit on these models which isContinue reading “0% Financing On 2010 Escape”

X Plan Price Samples

  Several times a week (sometimes several times a day) someone asks me “what is the X Plan discount?” While there is an X Plan discount, the program is based on 4% above the A Plan price which is what Ford employees pay. Now don’t confuse this with the summer promotion called “Employee Pricing”. During that promotionContinue reading “X Plan Price Samples”

New Ford Incentives For January 2010

XPlan.ca UPDATE: View the current Ford rebates and incentives The new Ford of Canada incentives will be released late in the day on January 4th. I will be going on vacation January 5th so there is a chance I may not be able to post the new rates and rebates here. Ford of Canada incentives forContinue reading “New Ford Incentives For January 2010”