Ford Employee Pricing 2012

Ford of Canada announced today the new Ford Employee Pricing details for 2012. This year 2014 promises to be even better then the incredible offers last year which was the best year yet for the Ford Employee Pricing Event. For all the details visit the 2014 Ford Employee Pricing page here on This program usuallyContinue reading “Ford Employee Pricing 2012”

Ford Incentives

UPDATE: April 2nd 2012 Changes in the Ford incentives include the conclusion of the Custom Car & Truck event. The Costco rebate is back and some models have enhanced cash backs. Contact me for details if you live in York Region or Toronto. UPDATE: February 1st 2012 Toronto and York Region – February 1st, Ford of Canada announcesContinue reading “Ford Incentives”

Ford Rates and Rebates Update February 2012: See the current Ford incentives and offers Ford of Canada announces the new incentives for each month or quarter usually at the beginning of the month. There are various programs that Ford brings back from time to time like the Costco Rebate, the Ford Winter Safety Package, the Ford Employee Pricing Event . There are usually a wideContinue reading “Ford Rates and Rebates”

Ford Employee Pricing July 2011 Update

————— This page has been updated. Here are the current Ford incentives. July 1st 2012 Ford of Canada will announced new incentives the 2012 Ford Employee Pricing Event. These enhancements include an increase in the dealer credits (or cash backs) on the 2012 F-150 which take it up to $6,000. For details on the Ford vehicleContinue reading “Ford Employee Pricing July 2011 Update”

Ford Employee Pricing 2011

The 2014 Ford Employee Pricing Event has started early this year! This year’s unbelievable line up of incentives will surely make this the biggest sales event in recent memory. If you are in the market for a new vehicle don’t sign anything until you talk to me and test drive one of our vehicles. Here are justContinue reading “Ford Employee Pricing 2011”

April Ford Incentives

Ford of Canada has announced new incentives for Ford vehicles that start for April 1st 2011. For starts the $1,000 Ford Costco Rebate is back (excluding Focus Fiesta and Ranger). The Recycle Your Ride program is over and the Ford Custom Car Event continues on all cars (excluding the Shelby GT500) and F-Series trucks. OnContinue reading “April Ford Incentives”