April Ford Incentives

Ford Drive One

Ford of Canada has announced new incentives for Ford vehicles that start for April 1st 2011. For starts the $1,000 Ford Costco Rebate is back (excluding Focus Fiesta and Ranger). The Recycle Your Ride program is over and the Ford Custom Car Event continues on all cars (excluding the Shelby GT500) and F-Series trucks. On cars the Custom Car Event money can be used as a down payment and on the trucks you have to use the allowance for Ford accessories. The incentives for the Ford Escape include a $3,500 rebate and 5.99% interest rate plus the $500 for the Custom Car Event.

All these incentives can be combined with the Ford XPlan Program. For all you vehicle needs contact me today.

New Product Notice:

The all new 2012 Focus is on the lot here at Mcalpine Ford and available for test drives.

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Ford Incentives

Save On Fuel With Ford

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The price of gas in the GTA is over $1.20 a liter which is crazy. Now is a great time to take a look at Ford’s efficient line of quality vehicles. My vehicle of choice is a front wheel drive XLT 4 cylinder Escape. Read about the my Ford Escape fuel economy. I just put my 20th Escape demo on the road yesterday (Feb 23rd). The savings on fuel is amazing and currently there is 72 month 0% financing on the Ford Escape. We also have the Focus, Fiesta, Fusion and greatly improved fuel economy on the new Ford Explorer

Below my name is a video on the Ford escape. Take a look and then contact me to test drive the 4 cylinder Escape.

Your friends at the gas station are going to miss you!

Ford Incentives


Ford Costco Rebate Ends Jan 31st 2011

Old Post: The Ford Costco rebate is ending January 31st so now is the perfect time to get your order in on a new Ford vehicle. On another note I have now uploaded the 2011 F-150 brochure on the right side of this page along with the 2011 Explorer and others. The 2011 Ford F-150 page and many other Ford vehicle pages here on XPlan.ca have new videos including the F-150 Ecoboost torture test.

Please remember I make my living selling vehicles so contact me to arrange your next new vehicle purchase. Thanks and we’ll see you soon.

Ford Incentives

2011 Ford Escape 0% Financing 72 Months

Ford Escape black

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Starting January 4th 2011 the 2011 Escape has 0% financing over 72 months. This means that every $10,000 financed is only $138.88 a month. I don’t think Ford has ever had 72 month 0% financing on the Escape. This is an ideal opportunity to get the payment you want on this great vehicle.

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Ford Incentives

Ford Rates and Incentives January 2011

2011 Today From FordFord of Canada announced the new incentives for January 2011 on Ford vehicles. The 2011 F-150 now has 0% financing up to 72 months as does the 2011 Focus. The 2011 Explorer now has 3.99% financing up to 60 months. The Costco program is still in place as is the Recycle Your Ride program. The Recycle Your Ride program has had some adjustments to the amounts paid.

Contact me for details on all the new incentives and XPlan pricing on 2011 and 2012 vehicles

Ford Incentives

December 2010 Ford Incentives

2011 Today From Ford

XPlan.ca UPDATE: Ford rebates and incentives

December 1st 2010 Ford of Canada announces the return of the Ford Costco rebate. In addition to the Costco rebate, the dealer credits on many 2010 and 2011 Ford vehicles have increased including the 2011 F-150, Ranger and Superduty trucks. The 0% financing on the Ford Fusion and the Ford Escape has been extended to 60 months from 48 months. Contact me to discuss the new Ford incentives and your vehicle needs.

Ford Windstar Loyalty Program

Toronto Ford Dealers

Here is a great opportunity for Windstar owners to trade into a new vehicle. Ford of Canada is offering owners of 2003 or older Windstar mini vans an additional $1,000 rebate toward any 2010 or 2011 Ford vehicle purchase (excluding Value Leaders). Also an additional $500 Ford Credit rebate is available too. This program is available up to January 3rd 2011.

I have found that the Escape is a popular vehicle for mini van customers to switch to so here is a sample of the Windstar owners deal on a 2011 V6 XLT Escape 4×2. Windstar Loyalty Program Sample. PDF

In addition to this you will also get the Ford Winter Safety Package. Pass this post on to your friends as many Windstar owners may not be aware of this offer. Contact me today 1-877-61X-PLAN

Ford Incentives

Ford Right Here Right Now Event

Ford Right Here Right Now
The Ford Right Here Right Event Now Starts October 1st 2010

The new Ford of Canada incentives starting October 1 2010 include the Right Here Right Now Event which consists of 0% financing on select vehicles, new dealer rebates and the very popular Ford Winter Safety Package. The Ford Costco Rebate and the Recycle Your Ride Rebate have been extended. All these incentives are combinable with the Ford XPlan program which results in a fantastic combination of incentives for the employees of Ford suppliers.

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Ford Incentives