Ford Rates and Incentives January 2011

Ford of Canada announced the new incentives for January 2011 on Ford and Lincoln vehicles. The 2011 F-150 now has 0% financing up to 72 months as does the 2011 Focus. The 2011 Explorer now has 3.99% financing up to 60 months. The Costco program is still in place as is the Recycle Your Ride program. The RecycleContinue reading “Ford Rates and Incentives January 2011”

December 2010 Ford Incentives UPDATE: Ford rebates and incentives December 1st 2010 Ford of Canada announces the return of the Ford Costco rebate. In addition to the Costco rebate, the dealer credits on many 2010 and 2011 Ford and Lincoln vehicles have increased including the 2011 F-150, Ranger and Superduty trucks. The 0% financing on the Ford FusionContinue reading “December 2010 Ford Incentives”

Ford Windstar Loyalty Program

Here is a great opportunity for Windstar owners to trade into a new vehicle. Ford of Canada is offering owners of 2003 or older Windstar mini vans an additional $1,000 rebate toward any 2010 or 2011 Ford or Lincoln vehicle purchase (excluding Value Leaders). Also an additional $500 Ford Credit rebate is available too. ThisContinue reading “Ford Windstar Loyalty Program”

Ford Right Here Right Now Event

The new Ford of Canada incentives starting October 1 2010 include the Right Here Right Now Event which consists of 0% financing on select vehicles, new dealer rebates and the very popular Ford Winter Safety Package. The Ford Costco Rebate and the Recycle Your Ride Rebate have been extended. All these incentives are combinable with theContinue reading “Ford Right Here Right Now Event”

Time To Factory Order A New Vehicle

There are only a couple weeks left in the Ford Employee Pricing event. For XPlan customers this is an ideal time to factory order your new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. The current deal is guaranteed and when the vehicle arrives we can look at the XPlan price using the new incentives and decide which is best. In yearsContinue reading “Time To Factory Order A New Vehicle”