Ford Employee Pricing July 2011 Update

————— This page has been forward updated. Here are the current Ford and Lincoln incentives. July 1st 2012 Ford of Canada will announced new incentives the 2012 Ford Employee Pricing Event. These enhancements include an increase in the dealer credits (or cash backs) on the 2012 F-150 which take it up to $6,000. Lincoln has announced new incentivesContinue reading “Ford Employee Pricing July 2011 Update”

Ford Employee Pricing 2011

The 2014 Ford Employee Pricing Event has started early this year! This year’s unbelievable line up of incentives will surely make this the biggest sales event in recent memory. If you are in the market for a new vehicle don’t sign anything until you talk to me and test drive one of our vehicles. Here are justContinue reading “Ford Employee Pricing 2011”

May Ford Incentives Update: Current Ford incentives and offers New incentives from Ford of Canada were announced today, May 3rd 2011, including the return of 0% financing for up to 72 months on the Ford Escape. The Fiesta now has improved finance and lease rates as does the 2012 Focus. Most Lincoln vehicles have rates as low asContinue reading “May Ford Incentives”

April Ford Incentives

Ford of Canada has announced new incentives for Ford and Lincoln vehicles that start for April 1st 2011. For starts the $1,000 Ford Costco Rebate is back (excluding Focus Fiesta and Ranger). The Recycle Your Ride program is over and the Ford Custom Car Event continues on all cars (excluding the Shelby GT500) and F-Series trucks. On cars the Custom Car Event moneyContinue reading “April Ford Incentives”

Ford and Lincoln Incentives Feb 2011 UPDATE: View the current Ford rates and rebates and the Lincoln rates and rebates. Both links are updated frequently. See you soon. The new Ford and Lincoln incentives were announced today. The 2011 Ford F-150 now has up to $7,000 in dealer credits and a $1,000 Ford Credit finance cash credit for financing with Ford.Continue reading “Ford and Lincoln Incentives Feb 2011”

Ford Costco Rebate Ends Jan 31st 2011

Old Post: The Ford Costco rebate is ending January 31st so now is the perfect time to get your order in on a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. On another note I have now uploaded the 2011 F-150 brochure on the right side of this page along with the 2011 Explorer and others. The 2011Continue reading “Ford Costco Rebate Ends Jan 31st 2011”

2011 Ford Escape 0% Financing 72 Months

View the current Ford Lincoln incentives Starting January 4th 2011 the 2011 Escape has 0% financing over 72 months. This means that every $10,000 financed is only $138.88 a month. I don’t think Ford has ever had 72 month 0% financing on the Escape. This is an ideal oportunity to get the payment you want on this greatContinue reading “2011 Ford Escape 0% Financing 72 Months”