Ford Employee Pricing Update: Employee Pricing 2020 has started! August 1st marked the start of Ford Employee Pricing for 2020. Vehicles including the F-150, Escape, Edge, Explorer and all the other great models in the Ford line up are part of the biggest Ford sales event of the year.

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Andy Ford

 Details on the 2020 Ford Employee Pricing Event will be here in mid 2020. Share our Pride, Share our Price.

Ford Employee Pricing is an event that happens once a year. For 2020 the Ford Employee Pricing Event will probably start at the beginning of July. To date Ford of Canada has sold several hundred thousand vehicles during Ford Employee Pricing so there are many chances to win. Important note: the earlier you purchase during the 2020 Employee Pricing the better the odds that you can get the vehicle you want as inventory goes quickly with this deal. Also for the 2020 Employee Pricing Event the cash backs are very large so the pricing and payments on many vehicles are outstanding.

You will soon hear the ads on the radio and see ads on TV about the 2020 Ford Employee Pricing which is the most successful promotion in Ford of Canada’s history. The one side effect of this program is that the inventory of popular Ford vehicles get bought up quickly and if they are at the end of the model year you may (most likely will) find it hard to find the vehicle you want. If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle in the next couple months, do it now to ensure I can find a vehicle for you in Ontario. This saves you the out of province shipping charges.Live GoToMeeting

Ford Employee Pricing and X-Plan are not the same.

 During June, July and August and sometimes extended into September, everyone gets the Ford employee price. The rebates and interest rates change during the employee price program. The XPlan program  is for employees of Ford suppliers and friends and family of Ford employees. During the Ford Employee Pricing Event the X-Plan program is essentially on hold.  If you have any questions on this or any other Ford related matters contact me directly.  1-877-61X-PLAN (9-7526)

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