2020 Ford Escape Hybrid On X-Plan

Ford Drive One

Red 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid XPlan.ca Toronto

Just look at that beauty! The new 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, which I have test driven, and was totally amazed at the fuel economy and the feel inside the vehicle. On three test drives I reset the fuel economy monitor and got 5.3L per 100km to 5.8L per 100km on a 10km drive. The 2020 Escape hybrid does very well on XPlan too. I worked out a FWD Titanium hybrid with a total of $2,500 due at signing, 16,000 km per year over 40 months and the payment came to $459.66 plus tax. And as an XPlan customer you get a full tank of gas which will last you quite a long time. When budgeting for a Hybrid you can also reduce your gas savings if you are coming from a non hybrid vehicle. Contact me to go over the Escape hybrid options.  Talk soon.
Andy Brooks Ford XPlan sales

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