Ford Incentives

Ford Drive One

UPDATE: April 2nd 2012 Changes in the Ford incentives include the conclusion of the Custom Car & Truck event. The Costco rebate is back and some models have enhanced cash backs. Contact me for details if you live in York Region or Toronto.

UPDATE: February 1st 2012 Toronto and York Region – February 1st, Ford of Canada announces new Ford incentives. During the month of February 2012 the new program that will offer customers up to $7,500 in rebates and subsidized interest rates. The F-Series accessories program is back on which means that you can get up to $1,000 in accessories for your F-Series. With Ford cars there is a $500 credit for accessories or $500 cash back. There is no cash alternative for the F-Series. XPlan pricing can be used with all these new Ford incentives. If you live in York Region or Toronto, contact me to get your XPlan pricing on the Ford vehicle you are interested in. In addition to these new incentives, the Ford Costco rebate is back on most Ford vehicles. For X-Plan customers this is a great opportunity to get great deal on a great Ford vehicle.

See what other customers are saying about me before you contact me.

Any Toronto or York Region residents can contact me, not just XPlan customers.

I look forward to meeting you.

Ford Incentives

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