Ford Windstar Loyalty Program

Toronto Ford Dealers

Here is a great opportunity for Windstar owners to trade into a new vehicle. Ford of Canada is offering owners of 2003 or older Windstar mini vans an additional $1,000 rebate toward any 2010 or 2011 Ford vehicle purchase (excluding Value Leaders). Also an additional $500 Ford Credit rebate is available too. This program is available up to January 3rd 2011.

I have found that the Escape is a popular vehicle for mini van customers to switch to so here is a sample of the Windstar owners deal on a 2011 V6 XLT Escape 4×2. Windstar Loyalty Program Sample. PDF

In addition to this you will also get the Ford Winter Safety Package. Pass this post on to your friends as many Windstar owners may not be aware of this offer. Contact me today 1-877-61X-PLAN

Ford Incentives

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