McAlpine Ford

 September 2022 marked 28 years that I have been at McAlpine Ford in Aurora. For about a year and a half I was the sales manager at McAlpine but other than that I have been part of the McAlpine sales team. I quite frankly didn’t like the sales managers position (glorified baby sitter) and the owners of McAlpine Ford allowed me to go back to sales.

 I have sold over 2,500 vehicles at McAlpine and retail, not fleet and many of my customers have become personal friends. Typically salespeople meet customers as they walk in the door of the dealership. These customers are commonly referred to as “ups” as the salesperson has to get “up” from their chair to go to the customer. I have not taken walking customers or “ups” as they are called since about the year 2000. Repeat customers, referrals and leads that come from all over southern Ontario through have kept me busy over the years.

We all regularly travel 30 to 40km to go to a restaurant or a show so a short drive from Toronto to York Region is well worth the honest and consistent service I provide. I will always lay things out so your purchase is crystal clear.

If you are in the Toronto York Region area I look forward to meeting you.

It’s always best to call or e-mail before you come before come in and remember to ask for Andy at the reception desk.

See you soon!


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