My Ford Fiesta Test Drive

The All New Ford Fiesta
The Ford Fiesta

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On April 8th 2010 I had the opportunity to drive the new Ford Fiesta at a Ford event held at the Powerade Center in Brampton. There were some other cars there including a Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and a Honda. I normally don’t do the compare test drives as up till now I haven’t seen the point of it. I certainly do now!

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First things first. I have a bad back as so many people do these days so the top of the list for me is the driver’s seat comfort and support. The first Fiesta I drove was an SEL model with leather and when I sat in the driver’s seat I instantly knew that this was a car I could drive on a long trip and step out of the car feeling great. The seats are so comfortable you would expect them to be in a luxury vehicle.

Ford had a course set up to test the cars in hard-driving conditions with lots of turns and abrupt stops.  The Fiesta held to the road better than any of the competitors and drastically better than the Korean made cars. During heavy turning while driving a Korean car the power steering stopped working. We were told that this would happen before hand but I was quite shocked at how it effected my ability to steer the car.

Everyone seems to be all hyped up on vehicle acceleration these days. The Ford Fiesta did a great job on acceleration but what really surprised me was its ability to stop from a high-speed. From approximately 60 km per hour I stopped in a very short distance. It really felt like I drove onto a patch of super glue on the road. The Ford Fiesta is a compact car that does not feel like one. With its quality interior and stylish exterior it’s winner and worth waiting for if you are in the market for a fuel-efficient compact car.

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