Ford Incentives April 2010

Ford incentives

New incentives for the Ford vehicle line for April 2010 include an increase in delivery allowance to $3,000 for the Ford Edge SE and Flex SE models. Delivery allowance for the Taurus SE is now $4,000. The interest rates for the F-150 has dropped to 5.99% up to 60 months and 6.99% for 72 months. The certain models of the Ford Escape and Focus are the only models left with 0% financing. The Costco rebate program has concluded. The 2011 Mustang now has 3.99% interest rate for 60 months (excluding the GT500 and the V6 value leader).

If you live in Toronto or York Region contact me for the details and pricing on your new Ford vehicle.

Ford Incentives1-877-61X-PLAN

Your Toronto Ford Dealer

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