Lincoln Complimentary ClubLink Membership Offer

Lincoln ClubLink Offer

Update: April 2nd 2012 This program is on again (read the descrition below). PLEASE NOTE I am not familiar with ClubLink or their programs so please do not call me with golf questions. If on the other hand you live in York Region or Toronto and have a Lincoln question please feel free to contact me anytime.

A new program for non ClubLink members. This is in addition to the ClubLink members offer mentioned March 3rd on but not combinable with that offer.

With the golf season just around the corner, customers who are not active ClubLink members will receive a one year complimentary ClubLink Associate Gold Membership with the purchase or lease of a 2010 or 2011 Lincoln vehicle. This Ford incentive can be combined with the X-Plan program.

Call 1-877-61X-PLAN for details on this and other Ford of Canada incentives.

If you live in the Toronto area please consider me your Toronto Ford dealer.

Ford Incentives

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