0% Financing On 2010 Escape

2010 Ford Escape

 Great News For Customers Interested In A 2010 Ford Escape!

Ford of Canada just announced improved incentives on the 2010 Ford Escape. Excluding the 4 cylinder manual transmission and the Hybrid the 2010 Ford Escape now has 0% financing for up to 60 months OAC. There was a $3,000 dealer credit on these models which is now gone but the 0% far outweighs the dealer credit.  The 4 cylinder manual Escape now has a $4,000 dealer credit. There are no changes to the Escape Hybrid incentives.

Now is a great time to order your 2010 Ford Escape and take advantage of the new incentives offered by Ford of Canada. If you live in the Toronto or York Region area call me today to arrange a time to get together.


Ford Incentives

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