Ford Costco Rebate Is Back UPDATE: February 1st 2012. The Costco Rebate is back on all Ford models. View the current Ford incentives.

Starting February 1st 2012 the $1,000 Ford Costco member rebate is back. Costco members who have a good standing membership as of January 31st 2012 will receive an additional $1,000 toward a Ford vehicle. The new Ford Costco rebate can be transferred to immediate family members who live at the same address. You can also use your Ford X Plan PIN to get the X Plan pricing, the regular incentives from Ford, including dealer credits and interest rates then use the Costco rebate.

If you have been thinking about a new Ford vehicle now is a great time to contact me to order your new vehicle.

The Costco rebate has started again. Ford Costco Rebate.

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