Current Ford Incentives

Call 1-877-61X-PLAN For XPlan Pricing
Call Andy at 1-877-61X-PLAN For XPlan Pricing

The current incentives offered by Ford of Canada in work with your XPlan pricing include:

  • The Ford Winter Safety Package on the Focus Fusion and Escape.
  • 0% financing on the Ford Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Edge and the Ford Flex
  • $1,000 Costco Member Offer on the Ford Edge, Flex, Fusion and Escape.
  • Up to $3,000 for your 1995 (or older) trade in using the “Recycle Your Ride” program.
  • $300 from the Federal government for your 1995 (or older) trade in.
  • Up to $8,000 in dealer credits combinable with your XPlan price!

This is a great time to maximize your Ford X-Plan program price with all the additional incentives Ford is offering. Contact me today so we can discuss your vehicle purchase.


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