One thought on “Ford Adaptive Cruise Control

  1. Hi Andy
    Sorry it took over a month to write these comments,but I just returned my old leased car about two weeks ago.I kept riding my leased car on most occasions since I knew that I was going to return it and now that I just have my new Lincoln MKZ, I have been riding it a lot lately. I am very pleased with the Lincoln. It has a very comfortable ride. It has good pickup and handles well in the rain.We just had a mini vacation in Algonquin Park and Blue Mountain.Many of the days were very rainy but it had good control on the highways.The car also has many luxury features
    of which every day I am discovering new ones.It drives very well in the short run and I only hope it works just as well nine or ten years from now with few repair bills.
    Nick Naccarato

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