Recycle Your Ride Program

Contact Andy Today And Recycle Your Ride
Contact Andy Today And Recycle Your Ride

Ford of Canada has announced the extension of the Recycle Your Ride program. Starting October 1st 2010 customers can receive up to $3,300 (the extra $300 is on vehicles 1995 or older) for trading in their old car on a new Ford vehicle. The image below shows the credits for the selected vehicles. An additional $300 will be given by the Canadian Government. Combining this program with the  Ford X Plan program is a dream come true for customers who have been holding off trading in their older car.

Update October 1st 2010: Ford of Canada announced an extension of this program Ford Recycle Your Ride program

Contact Andy Brooks at 1-877-61X-PLAN for program details and to arrange a vehicle purchase.

The Recycle Your Ride program as of October 1st 2010 now has exclusions on some 2011 models. See below.

2011 Focus S

2011 Fusion S

2011 Taurus SE 2011 Mustang Value Leader

2011 Escape XLT 4 cylinder manual transmission

2011 Edge SE

2011 Flex SE

2011 Explorer Base

2011 Ranger XL

2011 F-150 4×2 Reg Cab XL

Recycle Your Ride Rebates
Recycle Your Ride Rebates

Ford Online Showroom

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