Notice To Visitors

Ford Number One In Canada

Hi Andy Brooks here. This site is being created to replace my main XPlan website and will be complete within the next 2 months. For XPlan customers who have found this site in a search engine or from a link on and are wondering why I’m running 2 sites this is the answer. Once the site is complete my domain will forward here.

One thought on “Notice To Visitors

  1. Andy, we think your new website looks great! From what we can tell everything is there that someone would need to find out about Ford vehicles and the XPlan. We have purchased our last 6 vehicles from you and as you know have been completely happy and satisfied with the way you have looked after us. You were there for us when someone hit us headon and had a replacement vehicle waiting for us as soon as we were ready for it. We’re looking forward to purchasing our next car from you. Thanks again.

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