Get Your 2010 Order In Now!

2010TaurusNow is the best time for XPlan customers to factory order a new Ford vehicle. Why? Let me explain. Currently Ford of Canada is offering Employee pricing to the general public this includes Ford XPlan customers. When you order a vehicle the current pricing is “rain checked” or guaranteed when the vehicle arrives. For customers using the Ford X Plan program there is a very good chance (strong in some cases) that the incentives will be better when the vehicle arrives using XPlan so at that time I will go over both deals and determine which is best. If you are paying cash chances are the current deal will be the best but if you are financing I’m quite confident it will be better when the vehicle arrives. Either way you are protected on the best price and you will get the exact Ford vehicle you wanted.  The current Employee pricing event ends August 31st.

Call me to discuss this topic.


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